A short-cut method for checking degree of forage utilization. Canfield, R. 1944.
A short-cut method for checking degree of forage utilization [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
A shortcut in estimating the degree of forage utilization recommended to the range examiner whose time or technical knowledge and skill in range work are limited has been developed and tested at the Southwestern Forest and Range Experiment Station. Its basis is the fact that the percentage of close grazing is proportional to the percentage of total use. As determined by statistical analysis of grazed, stubble-height measurements obtained in repeated range surveys, there exists a high degree of correlation between the percentages of grasses grazed at a stubble height of 2 inches or less, the percentages of partly grazed, and the percentages of ungrazed forage. When the percentage of 2-inch grazing is known, the associated percentage of partly grazed and the percentage of ungrazed forage may be read directly from a set of stubble-height distribution curves presented in chart form.

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