A Distributed Online Multi-Agent Planning System. Cardoso, R. C. & Bordini, R. H. In
A Distributed Online Multi-Agent Planning System [link]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Multi-agent planning is an important capability to have in the development of multi-agent systems, which still remains an open problem, mainly because of the gap between planning and execution. Multi-agent systems often have dynamic environments that require planning to be done during run-time (i.e., online planning). In this paper, we use a platform for the development of multi-agent systems (JaCaMo) in both decentralised multi-agent planning and execution stages, providing a multi-agent system with capabilities to solve online multi-agent planning problems. The contributions shown in this paper are: i) the design of a Distributed Online Multi-Agent Planning System (DOMAPS); ii) the implementation of DOMAPS in JaCaMo; and iii) initial experiments in the Floods domain, a novel planning domain that uses heterogeneous unmanned vehicles to respond to flood disasters.

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