Publicação de Proveniência de Workflows na Web Semântica. Castro, R., Souza, R., & Mattoso, M. Bachelor Thesis.
Publicação de Proveniência de Workflows na Web Semântica [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Due to the increasing use of scientific workflows to perform simulations that require high computational performance, storing provenance is essential to ensure greater reliability and reproducibility of the experiment executed using a workflow. Although provenance data exist around the world, they are usually not published in a structured or standardized form, which makes scientific data interoperability among different knowledge fields more difficult. Despite being relatively not so popular, the Semantic Web has a notorious potential and is an alternative to enable data publication on the web in a structured, standardized and open way. This project proposes an ontology for a Scientific Workflow Management System (SWfMS) and a system that enables the provenance data generated by the SWfMS to be selected and published on the Semantic Web.

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