Erstnachweis von Eutypella Parasitica in Österreich. Cech, T. L. 40:10–13.
Erstnachweis von Eutypella Parasitica in Österreich [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
First Record of Eutypella parasitica in Austria Eutypella parasitica R.W. Davidson & R.C. Lorenz was detected in Austria in December 2006 as a cause of stem cankers on Acer pseudoplatanus. The pathogen is of North American origin, where it occurs on various species of Acer. In Europe, the fungus has been detected for the first time in Slovenia in 2005. The relatively slow spread by ascospores over short distances may be a chance for an eradication of this disease, which probably was introduced with plant material.

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