The 15th Anniversary of the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative. Chan, W. C. W., Chhowalla, M., Farokhzad, O., Glotzer, S., Gogotsi, Y., Hammond, P. T., Hersam, M. C., Javey, A., Kagan, C. R., Kataoka, K., Khademhosseini, A., Kotov, N. A., Lee, S., Lee, Y. H., Li, Y., Millstone, J. E., Mulvaney, P., Nel, A. E., Nordlander, P. J., Parak, W. J., Penner, R. M., Rogach, A. L., Schaak, R. E., Sood, A. K., Stevens, M. M., Wee, A. T. S., Weil, T., Grant Willson, C., & Weiss, P. S. ACS Nano, 12(11):10567–10569, November, 2018. Publisher: American Chemical Society
The 15th Anniversary of the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative [link]Paper  doi  bibtex   
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