Data-mining-based detection of adverse drug events. Chazard, E., Preda, C., Merlin, B., Ficheur, G., PSIP consortium, & Beuscart, R. Studies in health technology and informatics, 150:552–556, 2009.
Data-mining-based detection of adverse drug events [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Every year adverse drug events (ADEs) are known to be responsible for 98,000 deaths in the USA. Classical methods rely on report statements, expert knowledge, and staff operated record review. One of our objectives, in the PSIP project framework, is to use data mining (e.g., decision trees) to electronically identify situations leading to risk of ADEs. 10,500 hospitalization records from Denmark and France were used. 500 rules were automatically obtained, which are currently being validated by experts. A decision support system to prevent ADEs is then to be developed. The article examines a decision tree and the rules in the field of vitamin K antagonists.

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