Electrophysiological basis of arrhythmogenicity of QT/T alternans in the long-QT syndrome: Tridimensional analysis of the kinetics of cardiac repolarization. Chinushi, M., Restivo, M., Caref, E., & El-Sherif, N. j-CR, 83(6):614--28, 1998.
  author =       "M. Chinushi and M. Restivo and E.B. Caref and N.
  title =        "Electrophysiological basis of arrhythmogenicity of
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                 {T}ridimensional analysis of the kinetics of cardiac
  journal =      j-CR,
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  robnote =      "three-dimensional mapping of QT/T alternans in a dog
                 model of LQTS, induced by anthopleurin-A.",
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