Cardioprotection by S-nitrosation of a cysteine switch on mitochondrial complex I. Chouchani, E. T., Methner, C., Nadtochiy, S. M., Logan, A., Pell, V. R., Ding, S., James, A. M., Cochem?, H. M., Reinhold, J., Lilley, K. S., Partridge, L., Fearnley, I. M., Robinson, A. J., Hartley, R. C., Smith, R. A., Krieg, T., Brookes, P. S., & Murphy, M. P. Nat. Med., 19(6):753–759, Jun, 2013.
   Author="Chouchani, E. T.  and Methner, C.  and Nadtochiy, S. M.  and Logan, A.  and Pell, V. R.  and Ding, S.  and James, A. M.  and Cochem?, H. M.  and Reinhold, J.  and Lilley, K. S.  and Partridge, L.  and Fearnley, I. M.  and Robinson, A. J.  and Hartley, R. C.  and Smith, R. A.  and Krieg, T.  and Brookes, P. S.  and Murphy, M. P. ",
   Title="{{C}ardioprotection by {S}-nitrosation of a cysteine switch on mitochondrial complex {I}}",
   Journal="Nat. Med.",

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