Dependence Statements Are Strict Conditionals. Ciardelli, I. In Bezhanishvili, G., D'Agostino, G., Metcalfe, G., & Studer, T., editors, Advances in Modal Logic (AIML), pages 123-142, London, 2018. College Publications.
Dependence Statements Are Strict Conditionals [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
In this paper I discuss dependence statements like “whether p determines whether q”. I propose to analyze such statements as involving a generalized strict conditional operator applied to two questions—a determining question and a determined one. The dependence statement is true or false at a world w according to whether, relative to the set of successors of w, every answer to the former yields an answer to the latter. This motivates an investigation of strict conditionals in the context of inquisitive logic. A sound and complete axiomatization of the resulting logic is established, both for the class of all Kripke frames, and for various notable frame classes.

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