The Sovereign Limits of Global Civil Society: A Comparison of NGO Participation in UN World Conferences on the Environment, Human Rights, and Women. Clark, A. M., Friedman, E. J., & Hochstetler, K. World Politics, 51(1):1--35, 1998.
	title = {The {Sovereign} {Limits} of {Global} {Civil} {Society}: {A} {Comparison} of {NGO} {Participation} in {UN} {World} {Conferences} on the {Environment}, {Human} {Rights}, and {Women}},
	volume = {51},
	number = {1},
	journal = {World Politics},
	author = {Clark, A. M. and Friedman, E. J. and Hochstetler, K.},
	year = {1998},
	pages = {1--35}
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