Repolarizing K+ currents in rabbit heart Purkinje cells. Cordeiro, J., Spitzer, K., & Giles, W. j-JP, 508(Pt 3):811--23, 1998.
  author =       "J.M. Cordeiro and K.W. Spitzer and W.R. Giles",
  title =        "Repolarizing {K}+ currents in rabbit heart Purkinje
  journal =      j-JP,
  year =         "1998",
  volume =       "508",
  number =       "Pt 3",
  pages =        "811--23",
  robnote =      "4. Selective inhibitors of the fast component, IK, r
                 (MK-499, 200 nM) and the slow componentIK,s (L-735821
                 (propenamide), 20 nM) of the delayed rectifier K+
                 currents both significantly lengthened the action
                 potential.Mike S suggested MK-499 with lowered K as a
                 means of inducing TdP in dogs. LQTS. No hard copy",
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