Understanding Normative BDI Agents Behavior. Cunha, F. J., Viana, M. L, Sirqueira, T. F. M., Rosemberg, M., & Lucena, C. In Inc., K. R. & Institute, K. S., editors, The 30th International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2018), pages 221-224, 2018.
Understanding Normative BDI Agents Behavior. [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
Testing the autonomy of, and the interaction between, the agents in Multiagent Systems (MAS) is the frontal challenge of traditional software testing approaches. When we study MAS governed by norms – mechanisms created to restrain the behavior of agents – this challenge increases even further. However, agents are autonomous and it is not guaranteed that they will fulfill all norms. Given the fuzzy notion of “test”, especially in the context of MAS, in addition to the difficulties of dealing adequately with normative constraints, the overall understanding of how to handle the creation of tests for normative MAS is still vague. This paper proposes a testing tool to build and run MAS test scenarios and it relies on the use of aspect-oriented techniques to monitor the behavior of autonomous agents. We demonstrated our tool with a simulation of a traffic intersection scenario, based on the Brazilian Transit Code. Our experience shows that the tool can be used to build test scenarios that can achieve high fault detection effectiveness.

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