Incremental inference for probabilistic programs. Cusumano-Towner, M. F., Bichsel, B., Gehr, T., Vechev, M., & Mansinghka, V. K. In PLDI 2018: Proceedings of the 39th ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, pages 571–585, 2018. ACM.
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We present a novel approach for approximate sampling in probabilistic programs based on incremental inference. The key idea is to adapt the samples for a program $P$ into samples for a program $Q$, thereby avoiding the expensive sampling computation for program $Q$. To enable incremental inference in probabilistic programming, our work: (i) introduces the concept of a trace translator which adapts samples from $P$ into samples of $Q$, (ii) phrases this translation approach in the context of sequential Monte Carlo (SMC), which gives theoretical guarantees that the adapted samples converge to the distribution induced by $Q$, and (iii) shows how to obtain a concrete trace translator by establishing a correspondence between the random choices of the two probabilistic programs. We implemented our approach in two different probabilistic programming systems and showed that, compared to methods that sample the program $Q$ from scratch, incremental inference can lead to orders of magnitude increase in efficiency, depending on how closely related $P$ and $Q$ are.

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