Parenting from the Pocket: Value Tensions and TechnicalDirections for Secure and Private Parent-Teen Mobile Safety. Czeskisy, A., Dermendjievay, I., Yapity, H., Borningy, A., Friedmanz, B., Gill, B., & Kohno, T. In Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) 2010.
Parenting from the Pocket: Value Tensions and TechnicalDirections for Secure and Private Parent-Teen Mobile Safety [pdf]Website  abstract   bibtex   
An increasing number of high-tech devices, such as drivermonitoring systems and Internet usage monitoring tools, areadvertised as useful or even necessary for good parenting ofteens. Simultaneously, there is a growing market for mobile\personal safety" devices. As these trends merge, there willbe signicant implications for parent-teen relationships, affectingdomains such as privacy, trust, and maturation. Notonly the teen and his or her parents are aected; other importantstakeholders include the teen's friends who may beunwittingly monitored. This problem space, with less clearcutassets, risks, and aected parties, thus lies well outside ofmore typical computer security applications.To help understand this problem domain and what, if anything,should be built, we turn to the theory and methodsof Value Sensitive Design, a systematic approach to designingfor human values in technology. We rst develop valuescenarios that highlight potential issues, benets, harms, andchallenges. We then conducted semi-structured interviewswith 18 participants (9 teens and their parents). Results showsignicant dierences with respect to information about: 1)internal state (e.g., mood) versus external environment (e.g.,location); 2) situation (e.g., emergency vs. non-emergency);and 3) awareness (e.g., notication vs. non-notication). Thevalue scenario and interview results positioned us to identifykey technical challenges such as strongly protecting theprivacy of a teen's contextual information during ordinary situationsbut immediately exposing that information to othersas appropriate in an emergency and corresponding architecturallevers for these technologies.In addition to laying a foundation for future work in thisarea, this research serves as a prototypical example of usingValue Sensitive Design to explicate the underlying human valuesin complex security domains

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