The Kermit Book. da Cruz, F. unknown, 1988.
  author =       "F. da Cruz",
  title =        "The Kermit Book",
  publisher =    "unknown",
  year =         "1988",
  pages =        "70--108",
  robnote =      "Chapter 4 from the excellent Frank da Cruz book on
                 Kermit, this deals with communications, serial mainly
                 over telephone lines with all the useful info which
                 explains what goes on. An immensely practical look at
                 the matter with pin-outs, cable configurations, etc.
                 Chapter 10, Optional features is a brief exerpt from
                 the chapter on optional features of Kermit along with
                 one of the appendices with the packet summary.
                 Appendix: protocol definition itself in a very succinct
                 form, perhaps the shortes desciption I have seen of all
                 the nitty gritties of packets and handshake and the

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