TEAM: URBAN MOVEMENT PHIL JONES ASSOCIATES with Rod Black Niels Hoe (Hoe 360 Consulting) Philip Loy (Project Centre) Andy Mayo (Local Transport Projects) Professor John Parkin Mark Strong (Transport Initiatives) + David Taylor & Peter Murray of P2P - the Portland, Oregon to Portland Place charity cycle ride and research project. Dales, J. & Jones, P.
	title = {{TEAM}: {URBAN} {MOVEMENT} {PHIL} {JONES} {ASSOCIATES} with {Rod} {Black} {Niels} {Hoe} ({Hoe} 360 {Consulting}) {Philip} {Loy} ({Project} {Centre}) {Andy} {Mayo} ({Local} {Transport} {Projects}) {Professor} {John} {Parkin} {Mark} {Strong} ({Transport} {Initiatives}) + {David} {Taylor} \& {Peter} {Murray} of {P2P} - the {Portland}, {Oregon} to {Portland} {Place} charity cycle ride and research project},
	language = {en},
	author = {Dales, John and Jones, Phil},
	pages = {108},

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