Fast Lossy Internet Image Transmission. Danskin, J. M., Davis, G. M., & Song, X. In Proceedings of ACM Multimedia, Nov, 1995.
Fast Lossy Internet Image Transmission [link]Paper  bibtex   
@inproceedings{ Danskin97,
  author = {Danskin, John M. and Davis, Geoffrey M. and Song, Xiyong},
  title = {Fast Lossy Internet Image Transmission},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of ACM Multimedia},
  year = {1995},
  month = {Nov},
  annote = {A Image transmission system that uses joint source/channel coding to trade higher compression for more FEC redundancy according to network conditions. Uses a wavelet based coding and implements a transport protocol on top of UDP in order to be TCP-friendly (Vegas style)},
  url = {},
  submitter = {Johan Garcia}

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