Forest communities and patterns. Day, F. P. Pages 141-149 in W, 1988.
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The four major vegetation types at Coweeta (northern hardwoods, cove hardwoods, oak-chestnut and oak-pine) are still undergoing change following major disturbances of logging, fire and chestnut blight. Over a 35 year period following loss of chestnut, replacement was predominantly by species already codominant with chestnut. Chestnut oak should continue to be important, except perhaps in areas of high Rhododendron density, but there may be declines in white oak, scarlet oak, and black oak. Red maple will probably remain prominent as it does in many eastern forests following disturbance. The evergreen understory seems to be quite important in inhibition of regeneration of some canopy species. Individual species appear to be distributed along complex moisture gradients.

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