The Battle Between Amino Acid PET and Functional MRI: Precision of Tumor Delineation Examined by Glioma Progression Pattern After Radiation Therapy. Debus, C; Combs, S; Floca, R; Maier-Hein, K; Nolden, M; Schwager, C; Radbruch, A; Lutz, K; Jäkel, O; Wick, W; and others International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, 90(1):290--1, 2014.
	title = {The {Battle} {Between} {Amino} {Acid} {PET} and {Functional} {MRI}: {Precision} of {Tumor} {Delineation} {Examined} by {Glioma} {Progression} {Pattern} {After} {Radiation} {Therapy}},
	volume = {90},
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	author = {Debus, C and Combs, S and Floca, R and Maier-Hein, K and Nolden, M and Schwager, C and Radbruch, A and Lutz, K and Jäkel, O and Wick, W and {others}},
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