Phase Transitions and Cosparse Tomographic Recovery of Compound Solid Bodies from Few Projections. Denitiu, A.; Petra, S.; Schnörr, C.; and Schnörr, C. Fundamenta Informaticae, 135:73–102, 2014.
  Title                    = {{P}hase {T}ransitions and {C}osparse {T}omographic {R}ecovery of {C}ompound {S}olid {B}odies from {F}ew {P}rojections},
  Author                   = {Denitiu, A. and Petra, S. and Schn\"{o}rr, Cl. and Schn\"{o}rr, Ch.},
  Journal                  = {Fundamenta Informaticae},
  Year                     = {2014},
  Pages                    = {73--102},
  Volume                   = {135},
  Pdf                      = {Papers/Denitiu_et_al_FI_2014.pdf}
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