The Effect of Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Dynamic Models on the Linear Stability Analysis of an 8-Stage Compressor . Dimond, T., Younan, A., & Allaire, P. ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 134, May, 2012.
	author	=	"Dimond,T. and Younan,A. and Allaire, P.",
	title	=	"{T}he {E}ffect of {T}ilting {P}ad {J}ournal {B}earing {D}ynamic {M}odels on the {L}inear {S}tability {A}nalysis of an 8-{S}tage {C}ompressor ",
	journal =   "{ASME} {J}ournal of {E}ngineering for {G}as {T}urbines and {P}ower",
	volume  =	134,
	number	=	"",
	pages   =   "",
	month   =  "May",
	year	=	2012}

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