Intracardiac Electrode Detection of Early Ischemia in Man. Donaldson, R., Taggart, P., Swanton, H., Fox, K., Noble, D., & Rickards, A. j-BHJ, 50:213--221, 1983.
  author =       "R.M. Donaldson and P. Taggart and H. Swanton and K.
                 Fox and D. Noble and A.F. Rickards",
  title =        "Intracardiac Electrode Detection of Early Ischemia in
  journal =      j-BHJ,
  year =         "1983",
  volume =       "50",
  pages =        "213--221",
  robnote =      "Recording intracardiac signals and monophasic action
                 potentials form the ischemic region during pacing in
                 CAD patients. The method showed changes in activation
                 time (greater), duration and amplitude of MAP (reduced)
                 and shortening of repolarization in endocardial
                 ischemic tissue relative to the normal tisse in other
                 regions. This one could be important for the thesis.,

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