Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing. Dongarra, J., Hittinger, J., Bell, J., Chacón, L., Falgout, R., Heroux, M., Hovland, P. D., Ng, E. G., Webster, C., & Wild, S. M. Technical Report U.S.\ Department of Energy, ASCR, 2014.
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  author      = {Jack Dongarra and Jeffrey Hittinger and John Bell and Luis Chac\'on and Robert Falgout and Michael Heroux and Paul D. Hovland and Esmond G. Ng and Clayton Webster and Stefan M. Wild},
  title       = {Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing},
  institution = {U.S.\ Department of Energy, ASCR},
  year        = {2014},
  type        = {Report},
  doi         = {10.2172/1149042},

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