Measured performance of a wireless LAN. Duchamp, D. & Reynolds, N. 1992.
Measured performance of a wireless LAN [ps]Paper  bibtex   
@misc{ Duchamp92,
  title = {Measured performance of a wireless {LAN}},
  author = {D. Duchamp and N. Reynolds},
  year = {1992},
  annote = {Measures performance over NCR WaveLAN 2Mbit in a 56 meter corridor. Characterizes errors as "capture without error", "capture with error" and "fail to capture". Concludes that errors tend to be non consecutive biterrors, certain bit error lengths are strongly perferred at all distances and sizes and that the number of errors per bit (error density) is roughly constant over all packet sizes and distances.},
  url = {papers/},
  submitter = {Stefan Alfredsson},
  text = {D. Duchamp and N. F. Reynolds. Measured performance of a wireless LAN. In Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Local Computer Networks, pages 494--499. IEEE, Sep 1992.}

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