St. Patrick's Purgatory: Two Versions of Owayne Miles and the Vision of William of Stranton Together with the Long Text of the Tractatus de Purgatorio Sancti Patricii. Easting, R. Early English Text Society, 1991. Google-Books-ID: 4tfTjwEACAAJ
	title = {St. {Patrick}'s {Purgatory}: {Two} {Versions} of {Owayne} {Miles} and the {Vision} of {William} of {Stranton} {Together} with the {Long} {Text} of the {Tractatus} de {Purgatorio} {Sancti} {Patricii}},
	shorttitle = {St. {Patrick}'s {Purgatory}},
	language = {en},
	publisher = {Early English Text Society},
	author = {Easting, Robert},
	year = {1991},
	note = {Google-Books-ID: 4tfTjwEACAAJ}

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