Evaluation of Early Corticosteroid Therapy in Management of Pediatric Septic Shock in Pediatric Intensive Care Patients: A Randomized Clinical Study. El-Nawawy, A., Khater, D., Omar, H., & Wali, Y. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, October, 2016.
	title = {Evaluation of {Early} {Corticosteroid} {Therapy} in {Management} of {Pediatric} {Septic} {Shock} in {Pediatric} {Intensive} {Care} {Patients}: {A} {Randomized} {Clinical} {Study}.},
	journal = {The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal},
	author = {El-Nawawy, Ahmed and Khater, Doaa and Omar, Heba and Wali, Yasser},
	month = oct,
	year = {2016},

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