Halogen Radical Chemistry at Aqueous Interfaces. Enami, S., Hoffmann, M., R., & Colussi, A., J. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 7, 2016.
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Halogens play key roles in the chemical composition of marine boundary layers, the free troposphere and the stratosphere. Atmospheric halogen chemistry is dominated by reactions between gas-phase and aqueous species on the surfaces of the ocean and marine aerosol. The mechanisms of interfacial halogen radical/halide reactions, however, are not fully understood, partly due to the dearth of techniques for in situ monitoring of the products and intermediates of fast interfacial halogen radical reactions. Here, we report the online electrospray mass spectrometric identification of the species produced on the surface of aqueous Br- and I- microjets collided by I(g) pulses generated from the 266 nm laser photolysis of CH3I/O2/N2 gas mixtures. Mass-specific identification of intermediates and products in D2O and H2O(18) solutions, and their dependences on I(g) fluxes let us outline mechanisms of formation. We found that the uptake of I(g) on the surface of Br- and I- microjets (effective uptake coefficient gamma...

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