Influence of the Lattice Mismatch on the Atomic Ordering of ZnO Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition onto Single Crystal Surfaces with Variable Mismatch (InP, GaAs, GaN, SiC). Faugier-Tovar, J., Lazar, F., Marichy, C., & Brylinski, C. Condensed Matter, 2017. bibtex*[url=;booktitle=]
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	title = {Influence of the {Lattice} {Mismatch} on the {Atomic} {Ordering} of {ZnO} {Grown} by {Atomic} {Layer} {Deposition} onto {Single} {Crystal} {Surfaces} with {Variable} {Mismatch} ({InP}, {GaAs}, {GaN}, {SiC})},
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