Towards Fine-grained Service Matchmaking by Using Concept Similarity. Fernandez, A., Polleres, A., & Ossowski, S. In Proceedings of the SMR2 2007 Workshop on Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web (SMR$^\textrm{2}$ 2007), volume 243, of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pages 31–45, Busan, Korea, November, 2007.
Towards Fine-grained Service Matchmaking by Using Concept Similarity [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Several description frameworks to semantically describe and match services on the one hand and service requests on the other have been presented in the literature. Many of the current proposals for defining notions of match between service advertisements and requests are based on subsumption checking in more or less expressive Description Logics, thus providing boolean match functions, rather than a fine-grained, numerical degree of match. By contrast, concept similarity measures investigated in the DL literature explicitely include such a quantitative notion. In this paper we try to take a step forward in this area by means of an analysis of existing approaches from both semantic web service matching and concept similarity, and provide preliminary ideas on how to combine these two building blocks in a unified service selection framework.

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