Space-alternating generalized expectation-maximization algorithm. Fessler, J. A. & Hero, A. O. IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc., 42(10):2664–77, October, 1994.
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 author = {J. A. Fessler and A. O. Hero},
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 errata = {
The equation immediately below eqn. (18) is unnecessary.
As written it suggests we foolishly replace some of the pixel estimates
with "old" values, when of course we do not.
The newer version that appears in
<a href="$ftp/95/tip,pml.pdf"> the T-IP paper</a> is correct,
and supersedes the T-SP version.
The proof of Theorem 2 incorrectly states that the eigenvalues
of the Gauss-Siedel matrix are real.
They can be complex, so the proof only applies to cases
where the maximimum magnitude eigenvalue is real.
In App. B, (1+i mod K) should be 1+(i mod K).
 doi = {10.1109/78.324732},
 year = 1994

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