Macroeconomic Policy in the Franc Zone: What can the European Central Bank Learn from Africa? Launch and presentation of a new WIDER study by David Fielding and Jean-Paul Azam. Fielding, D. Studies in Development, 2005.
	title = {Macroeconomic {Policy} in the {Franc} {Zone}: {What} can the {European} {Central} {Bank} {Learn} from {Africa}? {Launch} and presentation of a new {WIDER} study by {David} {Fielding} and {Jean}-{Paul} {Azam}},
	shorttitle = {Macroeconomic {Policy} in the {Franc} {Zone}},
	journal = {Studies in Development},
	author = {Fielding, D.},
	year = {2005},
	keywords = {unfiled}

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