A signal processing pipeline for noninvasive imaging of ventricular preexcitation. Fischer, G., Hanser, F., Pfeifer, B., Seger, M., Hintermuller, C., Modre, R., Tilg, B., Trieb, T., Berger, T., Roithinger, F., & Hintringer, F. Methods Inf Med, 44(4):508--515, 2005.
  author =       "G. Fischer and F. Hanser and B. Pfeifer and M. Seger
                 and C. Hintermuller and R. Modre and B. Tilg and T.
                 Trieb and T. Berger and F.X. Roithinger and F.
  title =        "A signal processing pipeline for noninvasive imaging
                 of ventricular preexcitation.",
  journal =      "Methods Inf Med",
  year =         "2005",
  volume =       "44",
  number =       "4",
  pages =        "508--515",
  robnote =      "A previously described R-peak detector was modified
                 for automatic detection of all possible targets (beats)
                 using the information of all leads in the ECG map. A
                 direct method was applied for signal classification.
                 The algorithm was tuned for distinguishing beats with
                 an adenosine induced AV-nodal block from baseline
                 morphology in Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) patients.
                 Furthermore, an automatic identification of the
                 QRS-interval borders was implemented. The R-peak
                 detector captured all QRS-complexes with no false
                 positive detection. The automatic classification was
                 verified by demonstrating adenosine-induced
                 prolongation of ventricular activation with statistical
                 significance (p <0.001) in all patients.",
  bibdate =      "Thu Mar 9 21:00:41 2006",

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