Implementing Naive Geography via Qualitative Spatial Relation Queries. Fogliaroni, P. & Höbel, H. In Bacao, F., Santos, M. Y., & Painho, M., editors, Proceedings of AGILE 2015 International Conference on Geographic Information Science (short paper), Lisbon (Portugal), jun, 2015.
Implementing Naive Geography via Qualitative Spatial Relation Queries [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Making Geographic Information Systems (GISs) “intelligent” is a fascinating idea that has challenged the GIScience community for decades and that, over the years, has been tackled from slightly different perspectives. In this paper we discuss the case of equipping GISs with the right tools to understand and address queries posed in a natural fashion from a human being. We discuss how this can be supported via a general type of spatial queries named Qualitative Spatial Relation Queries (QSRQ) that take on qualitative spatial relations formally defined in qualitative spatial calculi. After intuitively defining a QSRQ we present a categorization of them and discuss the complexity of each category. Finally, we outline a processing framework to enable QSRQs in GISs.

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