Experimental investigation of ion-ion recombination at atmospheric conditions. Franchin, A., Ehrhart, S., Leppä, J., Nieminen, T., Gagné, S., Schobesberger, S., Wimmer, D., Duplissy, J., Riccobono, F., Dunne, E., M., Rondo, L., Downard, A., Bianchi, F., Kupc, A., Tsagkogeorgas, G., Lehtipalo, K., Manninen, H., E., Almeida, J., Amorim, A., Wagner, P., E., Hansel, A., Kirkby, J., Kürten, A., Donahue, N., M., Makhmutov, V., Mathot, S., Metzger, A., Petäjä, T., Schnitzhofer, R., Sipilä, M., Stozhkov, Y., Tomé, A., Kerminen, V., Carslaw, K., Curtius, J., Baltensperger, U., & Kulmala, M. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15:7203-7216, 2015.
Experimental investigation of ion-ion recombination at atmospheric conditions [link]Website  bibtex   
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