Technology Innovations in Therapy and Imaging (T2I2):International Graduate School for Biodesign and Entrepreneurship. Fritzsche, H., Ataide, E., Boese, A., & Friebe, M. In Abstract book of the 29th International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology, SMIT, Torino, Italy, November, 2017.
	address = {Torino, Italy},
	title = {Technology {Innovations} in {Therapy} and {Imaging} ({T2I2}):{International} {Graduate} {School} for {Biodesign} and {Entrepreneurship}},
	booktitle = {Abstract book of the 29th {International} {Conference} of the {Society} for {Medical} {Innovation} and {Technology}, {SMIT}},
	author = {Fritzsche, H. and Ataide, E. and Boese, A. and Friebe, M.},
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