H I in early-type galaxies. I - Observations. Gallagher, J., S., Faber, S., M., & Balick, B. The Astrophysical Journal, 202:7, 11, 1975.
H I in early-type galaxies. I - Observations [pdf]Paper  H I in early-type galaxies. I - Observations [link]Website  abstract   bibtex   
New 21-cm observations of 25 E and S0 galaxies provide a basis for an observational study of relationships between H I content and other properties of early-type systems. Only two galaxies in the sample, NGC 2685 (S0p) and the normal S0 NGC 5102, are detected. Previously reported detections of NGC 1332, NGC 3115, NGC 4274, and NGC 4526 are not confirmed. By assuming that the undetected E's and S0's are representative of homogeneous populations, limits for mean E and S0 galaxies are found. All available H I observations of early-type galaxies are used to generate a list (containing four normal S0's and 12 peculiar galaxies) of high-probability detections.

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