Short-term storage of cotton pollen. Garay, B. & Barrow, J. R. Plant Cell Report, 1986.
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Several methods of storing cotton pollen (Gossypium hirsutum L.) were evaluated. A successful pollen storage method that maintains fertility would enhance the crossing of breeding materials. Storing pollen at ultra-low temperatures in liquid nitrogen or at 5°C was not successful. No storage method maintained pollen fertility for more than 72 h. Cotton pollen did maintain adequate fertility up to 24 h at 10 and 15°C, at both low and high humidity when the pollen was stored in the detached flowers. Minimally acceptable pollen fertility was maintained in flowers stored at 15°C at 100% R.H. for 72 h. Use of these methods will allow for better utilization of parental plants when both parents do not flower on the same days.

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