Guidelines for reporting the use of gel electrophoresis in proteomics. Gibson, F., Anderson, L., Babnigg, G., Baker, M., Berth, M., Binz, P. A., Borthwick, A., Cash, P., Day, B. W., Friedman, D. B., Garland, D., Gutstein, H. B., Hoogland, C., Jones, N. A., Khan, A., Klose, J., Lamond, A. I., Lemkin, P. F., Lilley, K. S., Minden, J., Morris, N. J., Paton, N. W., Pisano, M. R., Prime, J. E., Rabilloud, T., Stead, D. A., Taylor, C. F., Voshol, H., Wipat, A., & Jones, A. R. Nat. Biotechnol., 26(8):863–864, Aug, 2008.
   Author="Gibson, F.  and Anderson, L.  and Babnigg, G.  and Baker, M.  and Berth, M.  and Binz, P. A.  and Borthwick, A.  and Cash, P.  and Day, B. W.  and Friedman, D. B.  and Garland, D.  and Gutstein, H. B.  and Hoogland, C.  and Jones, N. A.  and Khan, A.  and Klose, J.  and Lamond, A. I.  and Lemkin, P. F.  and Lilley, K. S.  and Minden, J.  and Morris, N. J.  and Paton, N. W.  and Pisano, M. R.  and Prime, J. E.  and Rabilloud, T.  and Stead, D. A.  and Taylor, C. F.  and Voshol, H.  and Wipat, A.  and Jones, A. R. ",
   Title="{{G}uidelines for reporting the use of gel electrophoresis in proteomics}",
   Journal="Nat. Biotechnol.",

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