Autosomal Dominant IFN-γR1 Deficiency Presenting with both Atypical Mycobacteriosis and Tuberculosis in a BCG-Vaccinated South African Patient. Glanzmann, B., Möller, M., Moncada-Velez, M., Peter, J., Urban, M., van Helden, P. D., Hoal, E. G., de Villiers, N., Glashoff, R. H., Nortje, R., Bustamante, J., Abel, L., Casanova, J., Boisson-Dupuis, S., Esser, M., & Kinnear, C. J. Journal of Clinical Immunology, May, 2018.
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	title = {Autosomal {Dominant} {IFN}-γ{R1} {Deficiency} {Presenting} with both {Atypical} {Mycobacteriosis} and {Tuberculosis} in a {BCG}-{Vaccinated} {South} {African} {Patient}},
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