Mobile platform and application research at SMU LiveLabs. Gottipati, S., Sebastian, J., Chan, J., Muralidharan, K., Okoshi, T., Misra, A., & Balan, R., K. In 2014 Sixth International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS), pages 1-4, 1, 2014. IEEE.
Mobile platform and application research at SMU LiveLabs [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
LiveLabs is an urban scale research testbed in Singapore. It is currently in the process of design, implementation and deployment at real-life urban spaces like a sprawling university campus, a shopping mall, an airport and an amusement park; where real smartphone users are being incentivized to participate in large scale consumer behavioral trials and experiments. The scale of the testbed needs careful research on multiple aspects of mobile computing - including smart application and UI design, smartphone power management, handling user privacy and so on. In this demonstration paper, we outline some important aspects of ongoing research, for handling some key technical challenges of a real city-scale smartphone testbed.

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