How Do Users Like This Feature? A Fine Grained Sentiment Analysis of App Reviews. Guzman, E. & Maalej, W. In RE'14, pages 153–162, 2014.
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	title = {How {Do} {Users} {Like} {This} {Feature}? {A} {Fine} {Grained} {Sentiment} {Analysis} of {App} {Reviews}},
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	keywords = {Apple App Store, Dictionaries, Educational institutions, Encoding, Feature extraction, Google, Google Play Store, Internet, Manuals, Sentiment analysis, app developers, app reviews, app stores, downloaded apps, feature extraction, features extraction, fine grained sentiment analysis, fine-grained app features, formal specification, information filtering, natural language processing, natural language processing techniques, peer-conducted analysis, requirements evolution tasks, star ratings, text reviews, topic modeling techniques, user feedback, user requirements, user reviews aggregate, user reviews analyze, user reviews filter, user sentiments},
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