Petri Net Based Trajectory Optimization. Hajdu, Á., Német, R., Varró-Gyapay, S., & Vörös, A. In ASCONIKK 2014: Extended Abstracts. Future Internet Services, pages 11–19, 2014. University of Pannonia.
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Optimization problems are becoming more prevalent in the design of complex systems. Petri nets are widely used for the modeling of such systems. An optimization problem can be translated to find an optimal trajectory where a cost is assigned to each step. The reachability problem of Petri nets answers whether a given state is reachable from the initial state. However, reachability analysis is a computationally hard problem, especially in the case of asynchronous or infinite state systems. In this paper we examine a recently published algorithm that solves reachability using abstraction methods and we extend this approach to be able to handle optimal trajectory problems.

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