M-Score: A Misuseability Weight Measure. Harel, A., Shabtai, A., Rokach, L., & Elovici, Y. IEEE Trans. Dependable Sec. Comput., 9(3):414-428, 2012.
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Detecting and preventing data leakage and data misuse poses a serious challenge for organizations, especially when dealing with insiders with legitimate permissions to access the organization's systems and its critical data. In this paper, we present a new concept, Misuseability Weight, for estimating the risk emanating from data exposed to insiders. This concept focuses on assigning a score that represents the sensitivity level of the data exposed to the user and by that predicts the ability of the user to maliciously exploit this data. Then, we propose a new measure, the M-score, which assigns a misuseability weight to tabular data, discuss some of its properties, and demonstrate its usefulness in several leakage scenarios. One of the main challenges in applying the M-score measure is in acquiring the required knowledge from a domain expert. Therefore, we present and evaluate two approaches toward eliciting misuseability conceptions from the domain expert.

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