Daphnia as an Emerging Epigenetic Model Organism. Harris, K., D., M., Bartlett, N., J., & Lloyd, V., K. Genetics Research International, 2012:1-8, Hindawi Limited, 2012.
Daphnia as an Emerging Epigenetic Model Organism [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Daphnia offer a variety of benefits for the study of epigenetics. Daphnia’s parthenogenetic life cycle allows the study of epigenetic effects in the absence of confounding genetic differences. Sex determination and sexual reproduction are epigenetically determined as are several other well-studied alternate phenotypes that arise in response to environmental stressors. Additionally, there is a large body of ecological literature available, recently complemented by the genome sequence of one species and transgenic technology. DNA methylation has been shown to be altered in response to toxicants and heavy metals, although investigation of other epigenetic mechanisms is only beginning. More thorough studies on DNA methylation as well as investigation of histone modifications and RNAi in sex determination and predator-induced defenses using this ecologically and evolutionarily important organism will contribute to our understanding of epigenetics.

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