Extracting Semantics of Places from User Generated Content. Höbel, H. & Fogliaroni, P. In Sarjakoski, T., Santos, M. Y., & Sarjakoski, T., editors, International Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE 2016 - Short Paper), Helsinki (Finland), of AGILE, 2016. Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe.
Extracting Semantics of Places from User Generated Content [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Next generation Geographic Information Systems should support place-based searches. The notion of place is a vague concept that strictly relates to human conceptualization of space. We regard places as cognitive regions affording activity opportunities and present a computational workflow to populate the model with information from User Generated Content available on the Web. An algorithmic realization is provided that relies on the Resource Description Framework along with a real example derived by an implementation of the workflow that relies on OpenStreetMap and TripAdvisor data.

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