Linking User-Generated Video Annotations To The Web Of Data. Hildebrand, M. & van Ossenbruggen, J. R. In Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2012 , January, 2012.
Linking User-Generated Video Annotations To The Web Of Data [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
In the audiovisual domain tagging games are explored as a method to collect user-generated metadata. For example, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision deployed the video labelling game "Waisda?" to collect user tags for videos from their collection. These tags are potentially useful to improve the access to the content within the videos. However, the uncontrolled and often incomplete tags allow for multiple interpretations, preventing long term access. In this paper we investigate a semi-automatic process to define the interpretation of the tags by linking them to concepts from the Linked Open Data cloud. More specifically, we investigate if existing web services are suited to find a number of candidate concepts, and if human users can select the most appropriate concept from these suggestions in the context of the video. We present a prototype application that supports this process and discuss the results of a user experiment where this application is used with different data sources.

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