APSIM - Evolution towards a new generation of agricultural systems simulation. Holzworth, D. P., Huth, N. I., de Voil, P. G., Zurcher, E. J., Herrmann, N. I., McLean, G., Chenu, K., van Oosterom, E. J., Snow, V. O., Murphy, C., Moore, A. D., Brown, H. E., Whish, J. P. M., Verrall, S., Fainges, J., Bell, L. W., Peake, A. S., Poulton, P. L., Hochman, Z., Thorburn, P. J., Gaydon, D. S., Dalgliesh, N. P., Rodriguez, D., Cox, H., Chapman, S. C., Doherty, A., Teixeira, E. I., Sharp, J., Cichota, R., Vogeler, I., Li, F. Y., Wang, E., Hammer, G. L., Robertson, M. J., Dimes, J. P., Whitbread, A. M., Hunt, J., van Rees, H., McClelland, T., Carberry, P. S., Hargreaves, J. N. G., MacLeoda, N., McDonald, C., Harsdorf, J., Wedgwood, S., & Keating, B. A. Environmental Modelling and Software (ENVSOFT), 62:327-350, 2014.
APSIM - Evolution towards a new generation of agricultural systems simulation [link]Paper  bibtex   
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