Towards workflow planning based on semantic eligibility. Homburg, T., Schumacher, P., & Minor, M. In 28. Workshop "Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren, Entwerfen", Stuttgart, Germany, September, 2014.
Towards workflow planning based on semantic eligibility [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   15 downloads  
A major problem in the research for new artificial intelligence meth- ods for workflows is the evaluation. There is a lack of large evaluation corpora. Existing methods manually model workflows or use workflow extraction to auto- matically extract workflows from text. Both existing approaches have limitations. The manual modeling of workflows requires a lot of human effort and it would be expensive to create a large test corpus. Workflow extraction is limited by the number of existing textual process descriptions and it is not guaranteed that the workflows are semantically correct. In this paper we suggest to set up a planning domain and apply a planner to create a large number of valid plans. Workflows can be derived from plans. The planner uses a semantic eligibility function to determine whether an operator can be applied to a resource or not. We present a first concept and a prototype implementation in the cooking workflow domain.

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