Evaluating the Impact of Emerging Streaming Media Applications on TCP/IP Performance. Hong, D., Albuquerque, C., Oliveira, C., & Suda, T. IEEE Communications Magazine, 39(4):76-82, April, 2001.
@article{ Hong01,
  author = {D. Hong and C. Albuquerque and C. Oliveira and T. Suda},
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  month = {April},
  annote = {Emerging streaming media applications in the Internet primarily use UDP and application-level control mechanisms that are not as responsive to congestion as TCP. As a result, streaming media applications can cause two major problems in the Internet: congestion collapse and unfair allocation of bandwidth. A common transmission technique employed in the Internet backbones and in WANs are ATM. In this article, the ABR service class is proposed to mitigate the effects of streaming media applications. Simulations and experiments show that ABR indeed is able to prohibit congestion and prevent unfair bandwidth allocation.},
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