Active Delay Control for TCP. Hsiao, P. H., Kung, H. T., , & Tan, K. Proceedings of IEEE Globecom, November, 2001.
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@article{ Hsiao01,
  author = {Hsiao, P. H. and Kung, H. T. and and Tan, K-S.},
  title = {Active Delay Control for TCP},
  journal = {Proceedings of IEEE Globecom},
  year = {2001},
  month = {November},
  annote = {Preesents the Idea of using delays at either the receiver or the sender to perform rate control by increasing the percieved RTT by the protocol but not the application. (ie rate=CWND/RTT) This in turn allows to use CWNDs which are sufficiently large to perfrom fast retransmit and avoid timeouts. The avoidance of timeouts is the motivation for this scheme. The mechanism is simulated for the many-flow scenario with differing queue sizes. Interesting idea. },
  url = {papers/Hsiao2001Active_delay_TCP.pdf},
  bibdate = {Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 08:33:42 (CEST)},
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